Samstag, 24. Februar 2018

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spying through backdoors in technical devices (Turla) | FOMO : fear of missing out | buidling a second brain < GTD | Verachtung als Mischung aus Ekel und Ärger | Scham- vs. Schuldgesellschaften (Ruth Benedict, The Chrysanthemum and the Sword) | 

mindfulness and meditation @ the bay area startup hub? | religions conversion vs. conversion marketing conversion rate | ribbonfarm experiments in refactored perception | sleeping rough in winter (Caritas Kältetelefon, BBC 4) | 

die Selbstdarstellung der FPÖ als Opfer (SZ, Falter) | Nudge Theory (Richard Thaler, Cass Sunstein) and the idea of a libertarian paternalism | The untethered Soul, Michael A. Singer | Wir haben nicht nur Introjekte, wir sind auch unsere Introjekte. (Gestalt) | 

Wieder heimlich Freud gelesen? | Hau den Lukács! | truescum (NB, *) | conceiving - framing <> reframing - reconsidering | Robert K. Merton: self fulfilling prophecy as reign of error | Bernhard Pörksen, Die große Gereiztheit, Hanser 2018: no gatekeeper anymore? Fortsetzung Nervositäts- u. Neurasthenie-Diskurs! | 

behavioral confirmation effect, positive feedback between belief and behavior | Earnest Vincent Wright, lipogram, novel: Gadsby, 1939 > George Perec: La Disparition, 1969, transl. by Gilbert Adair | deep work (craft work, brain work) <> distraction, multitasking <> deep life/mindfulness, deep thinking, Charles Dickens' cabin | 

stats: 60 Manipulationen am Smarthphone per day /24 hrs | GABA | Ashwagandha | Burnout <> Boreout | George Cheyne, The English Malady. or, A Treatise of Nervous Diseases of All Kinds, as Spleen, Vapours, Lowness of Spirits, Hypochondriacal and Hysterical Distempers with the Author’s own Case at large. Dublin 1733