Freitag, 25. Mai 2018

New Track: Nomads (Coyote)

Zitate und Anspielungen aus der rituellen Musik von Nomaden, Schamanen und Mönchen, weitergereicht in den Wüsteneien des WWW. Die große Idee vom Common Wealth, von Creative Commons, von der Allmende und von der Praktikabilität basaler Werkzeuge wird nie ins Zentrum einer auf Eigentum, Raubbau und Menschenverbrauch beruhenden Gesellschaft vordringen. In den Randgebieten friedlicher Kreativität indes bleibt sie bestehen. - 

The Coyote of the Coyote tales is primarily a transformer, an agent of change bringing order to chaos and chaos to order. He is “the spirit of disorder, the enemy of boundaries.” (12) In much of Western North America he fills the role of Culture Hero and Trickster, found in virtually all traditional societies. He is an American Zeus, Prometheus, Orpheus, and Hermes all rolled into one: mating to create the human race, inventing death, stealing fire to give to humans, shapeshifter, androgyne, messenger and guide to the Underworld. In whatever guise, Coyote makes things happen. (...)
Medical symbolism is rampant in Beuys’s work. (20) His own birth is referred to in his vitae as “Kleve exhibition of a wound held together with an adhesive bandage. ” Beuys recognized the whole Social Body as a wounded body, a traumatized body requiring treatment, and this realization led to a lifetime of research into the healing arts. (...)
In social terms, the Coyote action calls attention to the crisis brought about by mechanistic, materialistic, and positivistic thinking in the West, and to the emergent need for Western Man (“Old Western Man is most clearly represented by what has become of the United States”) to move into the next evolutionary stage, from progress (domination of nature, “triumph over the past,” positivist reductions) to survival (holistic, ecological, evolutionary). - David Levi Strauss